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Where Can I Buy Holi Powder?

What is Holi Powder aka Hippie Powder™? Holi powder is colored cornstarch that is used to throw on people to celebrate “Holi” which is a festival of colors that originated in India. But today the color is mostly used to celebrate everything. You will see that a lot of races are based on the idea of throwing color on people while they run. The powder originally all came from India, but people starting getting sick after inhaling it because it would get moldy on the long trip to the United States from India. So now it is made in the United States and is safer than the product coming from India.

Where can I buy Holi powder?

Does holi color powder chalk wash out of clothes?
Yes, this should not stain clothes but to be safe we recommend that you wear white clothing that you don’t care too much about when playing with hippie powder™.

What is the holi powder recipe?
We can’t go into the specific because it is a highly guarded trade secret but it is basically high quality food grade dye and cornstarch.

Is Holi powder toxic?
We can only speak for Hippie Powder when we say that it is safe and non toxic to people or the environment. That does not hold true with product coming from India or manufactured in other facilities other than Hippie Powder™. We set our standards high so that you can trust our product. Colored powder coming from India is known to contain mold and we cannot recommend it or say that it is safe for use.

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